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Battling Harassment and Trolls in Our App Community

· 2 min read
Alper Alkan
Co-Founder of Phalcode

Hey folks,

We have an important update to share with you all while our poll is in progress. It has come to our attention that a group of individuals has been engaging in harassing, blackmailing, and threatening behavior towards us.

It began with spam on our Issue Trackers and Discord Server but this situation has escalated to the point where these individuals went so far as to search me up on LinkedIn and threaten to inform my employer with baseless accusations of racism because of trivial reasons like the branch name in our github project being "master". Moreover, we have received reports that these trolls have extended their actions directly to other members of this server, attempting to spread negative narratives and disrupting the community atmosphere.

To address this issue, we kindly request that you promptly report any encounters with these trolls to both Discord and our dedicated team of moderators. By doing so, we can take appropriate measures to handle the situation and maintain a safe environment for all.

We would like to emphasize that we are not racist individuals, but rather developers who decided to share our hard work with the community, hoping to bring joy and utility to everyone. Unfortunately, we did not anticipate encountering such creepy behavior when we made the project public. It has made us question whether it was the right decision to open up our work in the first place.

If you appreciate our efforts and would like to support us and the app, we humbly ask for your financial assistance. Even a small contribution of five bucks on Kofi would go a long way in helping us maintain our motivation and dedication. Alternatively, if monetary support isn't possible, we would be incredibly grateful if you could share kind words about how the GameVault app has positively impacted your life in the #chat channel. Your encouragement means the world to us. 🥰

In addition, we encourage you to continue reporting any bugs you encounter and submitting feature requests in the respective GitHub trackers. With your valuable input, we can continue improving the app and making it even better.

Remember, the success of this project relies on your support and engagement. Let's stand together against these trolls and ensure a positive and inclusive community experience. Thank you for your attention and understanding.