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the self-hosted gaming platform for drm-free games

Create your own gaming platform

Do you have games on your server and need an application to download, install, share, launch and track them?

Then you have come to the right place!

👯 Build Your Community

Share your platform with your friends and family so they can enjoy your library, too. Administrate your users and games.

🎮 Browse Your Games

Browse your server's beautifully organized library to download, install and play your collection of video games of all kinds!

⏱️ Track Your Progress

See how long you or your friends have been playing a game, find out what they are and keep track of what you've already completed or abandoned.

🔎 Automatic Metadata Enrichment

GameVault automatically enriches your game with all the juicy information and and images from the largest video game database.

📦 Easy To Use

You don't give a fuck about the fucking code?
Our application is officially available in the Microsoft Store. Also, installing games and setting up a server using our Docker image and is just as easy!

👥 Join The Movement

👥 Join The Movement

Join our growing community , star us on GitHub, or even contribute to our source-available project! Everyone can help!

*all depicted games are placeholders and not real