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the self-hosted gaming platform for drm-free games

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🎮 Run your own Gaming Platform and share it with Friends!

Keep your game collection organized and share them with your friends using our user-friendly platform on your file server.

🔒 Complete Control of Your Server, Games, and Access!

The platform allows you to control who can access your server and choose who can download and play your games.

🕹️ Keep in touch with your friends and check their gaming progress!

Using social features, you can keep in touch with friends on your server, find out what they're playing and explore new games to try.

📈 Enhance your Games with endless Metadata!

Add juicy metadata to your games with our powerful integrations and unlock the full potential of GameVault.

🪟 Install easily from Microsoft Store

There's no need to compile anything. Our client application is officially available in the Microsoft Store.

👥 Join our community and help us with our project!

Join our expanding community, contribute to our source-available project! Everybody can help!