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With GameVault+, you gain access to a variety of additional themes and also the ability to apply custom themes, to personalize your experience.

Premium Themes

GameVault+ ships with the following premium themes by default:

  • Phalcode Theme Dark: A dark theme aligned with our Phalcode brand.
  • Phalcode Theme Light: A light theme aligned with our Phalcode brand.

Custom Themes

GameVault+ also offers the flexibility to apply custom themes, allowing users to incorporate designs of their preference.

A public repository of custom themes shared by our community can be found here.

How to Install and Apply a Custom Theme

To install a custom theme, follow these steps:

  1. Place the theme .xaml file into your themes folder. Depending on your GameVault installation, the themes folder can be located at either %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Packages\Phalcode.174950BD81C41_dymsgn3qpfjxc\LocalCache\Roaming\GameVault\themes or %APPDATA%/GameVault/themes.
  2. Open GameVault Settings and select your newly added theme under Application -> Themes.

Creating a Custom Theme

Creating a custom theme is straightforward. You can just create a new .xaml file based on our template and save it in the themes folder.

Template File

Just copy the latest template from the community themes repository, edit it using a text editor, and save it in the themes folder to try it out. Be aware that the hex codes are ARGB syntax and not RGB syntax.

Sharing Custom Themes

You can share your custom themes with the community by creating a pull request to the community themes repository.