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Elevate Your GameVault Experience with Premium Features


Welcome to GameVault+, the premium upgrade subscription designed for enthusiasts seeking an enhanced GameVault experience. Here we are gradually adding a variety of exquisite nice to have features to enrich your time with GameVault while supporting us as developers and keeping this project alive. The subscription is priced affordably and is entirely optional, ensuring that our core product remains freely accessible to all.

Feature List

As of now, we are offering the following features:

  • 📸 Uploading animated profile pictures
  • 🎨 Custom Themes
  • 💻 GameVault Client API (Interfaces for integrations like Playnite)


The GameVault+ subscription is priced affordably at only € 4.99/month or € 49.90/year.

Get Started

  1. Sign up or sign in to your personal Phalcode account
  2. Subscribe to a GameVault+ Plan
  3. Set up your GameVault Client Application
  4. Enjoy premium features while supporting us 🥳💃

Questions and Answers

What is Phalcode?

Phalcode is the small startup company developing GameVault. We are just two friends developing software and based in germany. You can find more information about us on our website.

I have trouble with GameVault+ and I need support. How can I contact you?

Contect the developers directly on Discord or via our email. Do not use the public discord channels for support regarding your personal GameVault+ subscription.

How do I manage billing and payments?

GameVault+ uses the Stripe billing system for your convenience. Easily handle your subscription, review billing details, and make changes through our Stripe Customer Portal.

What payment methods are accepted for GameVault+ subscriptions?

We offer several easy ways to pay for your GameVault+ subscription. You can use credit or debit cards, popular digital wallets, various bank redirects or even SEPA direct debit transfers. We want to make it convenient for you to choose how you pay.

Important: Potential Delays

Please be aware that if you use Bancontact, iDEAL, SOFORT or SEPA Direct Debit as your payment method, there might be delays in confirming your payment. To get your GameVault+ subscription quickly, we recommend using a payment method that confirms faster.

Are there going to be more features added to GameVault+?

Of course!, You are the people keeping our project alive after all.

Expect updates with awesome new GameVault+ content and improvements down thre road. We are committed to enhancing the GameVault+ experience.

Can GameVault+ be shared with multiple users?

No, your GameVault+ subscription is designed for personal use only. Please avoid sharing it with anyone else.

You can enjoy the benefits of GameVault+ on any GameVault Server you connect to. However, keep in mind that server administrators may choose to disable certain features offered by GameVault+ in their configurations.

How many devices can I have in my GameVault+ subscription?

Your subscription isn't restricted to a specific number of active devices at the moment.

Can GameVault+ be used offline?

Initially, you'll need an internet connection to download and set up your GameVault+ license.

Once that setup is complete, GameVault+ can be accessed offline throughout your current subscription period. For those who prefer offline access, we suggest opting for an annual subscription, as it technically only requires an internet connection once a year.

How does GameVault+ ensure user privacy protection?

At Phalcode, keeping user privacy safe is our very top priority. We use strong security measures, including encryption, to protect user data. We also follow GDPR rules to make sure we're following privacy laws.

Additionally, all billing and payment info is stored securely on the servers of our billing partner, Stripe, which meets PCI compliance standards. For more details on Stripe's security, you can check it out here.

You can find all details in our privacy policy.

Will GameVault+ support more integrations with other software in the future?

We hope so. We're actively exploring partnerships and integrations with other gaming platforms and tools to provide a more interconnected gaming experience.

Can users suggest or vote on new features for GameVault+?

Certainly! We encourage user feedback and suggestions. While we may not implement every idea, we value community input in shaping the future of GameVault+. Share your ideas through our feedback channels, primarily on Github and Discord.

Which Client Application versions are supported?

GameVault+ features are available from the official GameVault Client application version and above. It does not matter if you got it from the Microsoft Store or used an alternative installation option.

Are commercial licenses available for GameVault+?

There are, but for commercial use, please contact us directly to discuss an individual licensing agreement.
Personal subscriptions are tailored for individual users, but we're happy to collaborate with businesses for customized solutions and volume licenses.

What if i cant afford GameVault+?

We totally understand that not everyone can afford GameVault+, and that's fine. From our perspective, you're free to tinker your way around the paywall for your personal use. The source code is on Github. But please avoid pirated versions, as they may contain malware, and also please refrain from sharing your bypass-modifications.