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The GameVault Backend Server offers a fully documented REST API for use to everyone. With the API, you can build your own GameVault clients or 3rd party integrations and manage your libraries automatically.

Register a Bot User

To use the GameVault API, it is recommended to register a separate user with the username prefix gvbot_ (e.g. gvbot_image_downloader). The bot user will not appear in the public user list. This user will be used to authenticate your API requests. You can do this by using the Register Form in the settings tab of the GameVault App.

OpenAPI Specification

You can check out the API specification at /api/docs after making sure the server environment variable SERVER_API_DOCS_ENABLED is set to true. There is also a hosted version of the latest API Documentation available at

The API documentation provides a complete guide on how to use the API, including authentication, endpoints, and parameters.

You can also download the OpenAPI Specification in different formats using or This is useful for importing the Calls into a tool like Postman or generate the client code using the openapi-generator.


Almost all requests to the API require basic-auth authentication. You will need to include it in the Authentication header of each request.