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Elevate Your Gaming Experience with Premium Features


Welcome to GameVault+, the premium upgrade designed for enthusiasts seeking an enhanced GameVault experience. We've curated a collection of desirable features to enrich your time with GameVault while supporting us as developers. The subscription is priced affordably and is entirely optional, ensuring that our core product remains freely accessible to all.

What GameVault+ Offers

We are still preparing our infrastructure. Stay tuned for the Feature List coming soon!

How to Get Started

We are still preparing our infrastructure. Stay tuned for the Guide coming soon!


How do I manage billing and payments?

GameVault+ uses the Stripe billing system for your convenience. Easily handle your subscription, review billing details, and make changes through the Stripe Customer Portal. For comprehensive billing information, refer to the portal or contact our support team for assistance.

Is there a trial period for GameVault+?

Certainly! Enjoy a free 14-day trial to experience our premium features.

What payment methods are accepted for GameVault+ subscriptions?

We accept various payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and other options listed on our checkout page.

How often will new features be added to GameVault+?

Expect regular updates with awesome new features and improvements on our development roadmap. We are committed to enhancing the GameVault+ experience.

Are there exclusive benefits for long-term subscribers?

Absolutely! We appreciate our long-term supporters and are considering introducing exclusive benefits for those committed to GameVault+ over an extended period.

Can GameVault+ be shared with multiple users?

No, your GameVault+ subscription is for personal use only. Please refrain from sharing it with others.

How is user privacy protected with GameVault+?

User privacy is our top priority. Robust security measures, including encryption, are in place to safeguard user data. Review our privacy policy for details on our commitment to protecting user information.

Will GameVault+ support more integrations in the future?

We're actively exploring partnerships and integrations with other gaming platforms and tools to provide a more interconnected gaming experience.

Can users suggest or vote on new features for GameVault+?

Certainly! We encourage user feedback and suggestions. While we may not implement every idea, we value community input in shaping the future of GameVault+. Share your ideas through our feedback channels, primarily on Github and Discord.

Are commercial licenses available for GameVault+?

For commercial use, please contact us directly to discuss an individual licensing agreement. Standard subscriptions are tailored for individual users, and we're happy to collaborate with businesses for customized solutions.

What if i cant afford GameVault+?

Listen, we totally understand not everyone can afford GameVault+, and that's fine. From our perspective, you're free to tinker your way around the paywall for your personal use. The source code is on Github. But please avoid pirated versions, as they may contain malware, and also refrain from sharing your modified code.